Volcanic Eruptions and Global Warming

Volcanic Eruptions and Global Warming

Since 1902 there have been 14 notable volcanic eruptions that have spew into the atmosphere far more toxic ejecta than the combine industrial atmospheric waste. – Mount Pinatubo alone, which went off June 15-16, 1991, emitted more atmosphere pollutants than the entire Industrial World emissions had since nineteen hundred.  – More recently, Mount Kilauea ejected and estimated 12,000 tons of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere per diem. – These statics are disheartening, we humans have committed ourselves to reduce harmful atmosphere pollutants, and, here one volcano nullifies our efforts within a time period of a month.  – The California and Swedish forest fires have also  contributed to atmospheric pollution. Despite these grim statics, we Californians are committed to reduce harmful atmospheric and water pollutants.

To understand what pollutes the atmosphere, what is written below helps explain the dilemma.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless poisonous gas that is produced by the incomplete expenditure of coal, any petroleum product and organic fiber such as wood.

Carbon Dioxide is also a colorless, odorless non-toxic gas which is exhaled by humans and animals.  Though non-toxic, in a confined space, carbon dioxide can suffocate a human, animal and in water, fish.

Do not despair, nature has provided a partial solution of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.  –  Terrestrial plants, especially the Oleander plant, that has been placed on California Inter-state and highway separation areas, inhale both Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide and converts these gases through the  process of photosynthesis, into oxygen – When you see dead (or near dead)  trees along the California roads, this could be caused by an over dose of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.  Many plants such as the Monterey and  other pine trees, do not have the ability to convert harmful gases into oxygen like the Oleander plant.  These dead (or near dead) trees could also be a victim of the prolonged drought combined with an excess of Carbon Monoxide.

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