The News Media and Political Signs

The News Media and Political Signs

(What is written below is in full regard to the First Amendment.)

Is not the purpose of the News Media to provide information, non biased information, and let the electorate make the decision(s) on what and whom to vote for?  – When a newspaper (or any other part of the News Media) endorses a candidate or issue, does it not compromise its objectivity?  Does the electorate need to be instructed on how to vote?

What good is a newspaper political endorsement anyway?  During the 2016 Presidential election, what candidate did the news media (by and large) endorse?  What happened?

Roadside Political Signs

What good are roadside political signs that say:  “Vote,” for whomever with a photograph of the candidate’s smiling face? How are the candidate’s knowledge of the issues known by a roadside sign? – To have the candidate’s website address displayed is acknowledged. –  A battery of political roadside signs reduces the campaign to that of a carnival sideshow.

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