The Clink of Thirty Pieces of Silver

The Clink of Thirty Pieces of Silver

It is a faction to say, it is a faction to write; it is common knowledge that politics in this Country is dominated by Big Money.  

And who has done anything to counter this?

There are many types of addictions; alcohol addictions, hallucinate drug addictions, pornographic/sex addictions, television/cinematic violence addictions and gambling/ money addictions.

This Country has on the State and Federal level, a severe money addiction sponsored by politicians and they have yet been made to be accountable.  

Each year the President proposes, both the Congress and Senate confirm an increased national expenditure that ultimately inflates the National Debt.  –  This Country is strained to pay the Interest of this Debt; as for the Principal?  The National Debt has been and is out-of-control with No End in sight. 

Thank you long term incumbent members of Congress and the Senate.     The future for the Millennials and, “X,” generation is bleak indeed due to your dynamic Federal financial over expenditure laisse faire irresponsibility.  

This Country borrows millions upon millions annually from countries that are insolvent such as China and Japan without any thought how this Debt is to be resolved.  A financial collapse, a World-wide financial collapse, is inevitable.  The question is, “when?”

The United States has sold its soul, and, if this Annual Deficit and National Debt continues, this Country could be forced to compromise its sovereignty.  

Political campaigns are dominated by Big Money.  

How often do we receive unsolicited electric mail messages (that arrive in the, ‘Junk Box,’) by rival political entities?  These political groups boast of what finance have been donated to their cause, lament what has not been donated and what the opposition has stockpiled in their , “war chest.”  

How many Politicians accept finance from donors irrespective of whom the are?  –  For example, multi-millionaire socialite Dede Wisly of San Francisco, a registered Republican, contributed 5,000 dollars to a political action committee (the Great American Committee) organized by Vice President Mike Pense.  Wisley also contributed sizeable funds to far left California Senator (and former Presidential aspirant) Kamala Harris and Congressman Mike Thompson the Fifth Congressional District, California.

These Politian’s could careless where and whom these donations come from.  Laissel ‘argent roule dedans.  (Let the money roll in.)  

Political Contributions and Expenditures Are Not Tax Deductible.  

Why then do these contributors donate sizable funds to both sides of the political spectrum? 

 What is there to gain? 

Can it be denied that many a political incumbent receives preferential treatment and protection that results with a return to Congress and/or the Senate election after election without any regard that that Politician’s mental ability is far below par? Examine the remarks of these aged Politicians of both political parties and there is the evidence.  

Every year Forbes magazine makes public the richest men and women in the World.  How many of us look forward and read the Forbes report?  –  It is sad to note that the electorate is influenced by what Big Money can procure; public name recognition exposure.  Anything other than in-depth knowledge of the issues.  Big Money in the political sphere finances mental manipulators who are trained by the very best behaviorists who can mentally take direction of the electorate and have them vote for what they initially were not in favor.  These mental manipulators can override the natural inhibitions – mental safety mechanisms – of the human being and have that person support that which previous were not acceptable.  

The United States has sold its soul for the Clink of Thirty Pieces of Silver.


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