The Annual Deficit and National Debt

The Annual Deficit and National Debt

When I was an undergraduate student at Solano Community College (1969-1972) I attended two political science course conducted by Professor Michaels who was a former Marine.  He was a no-nonsense man and more liberal than not.  I learned plenty from Professor Michaels, yet, on the matter of political affiliation, I disagreed with him.  He stated that a Third Party, an Independent, that operated outside of the established Republicans and Democrats, was not necessary.  The two party system sufficed.

Much has transported since the early nineteen seventies.

The Republicans and Democrats have become burdened with self-destructive partisans attitudes and accusation to the extent that the average citizen has become isolated and victimized by their Government. – The consequence of this is, the business of Government has been over looked:

the Annual Deficit hovers around 985  billion dollars,

the National Debt hovers more than 21 trillion dollars and there is no comprehensive solution provided by any California elected man or woman.

It is worth to note, that despite the fact that California had a Very Good economic year, this State’s debt is estimated to be between 600 billion to over a trillion dollars.  The top five solvent States are:  Florida, South and North Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming.  –   The bottom five insolvent States are:  New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and California.

Due to the financial crisis, the Internal Revenue Service has become predatory.  It preys upon citizens with the claim,” You must pay immediately,” without any credible evidence.  How many people pay, without question what the Internal Revenue Service demands out of fear?  –  During the course of this campaign, I received another Internal Revenue Service debt claim without sufficient evidence.  This harassment from the Internal Revenue Service will continue until this Country – and State –  have control of its finances.  It is the long term Congressional Incumbents who have sanctioned what has developed into a Annual Deficit and National Debt that approaches the point of no return.

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