Socialism is  an economic system derived from the thoughts and writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  Its ultimate goal is to have a classless society through public ownership.  Much of northern Europe – all of Scandinavia – operate under a semi-socialistic state.   Though pure socialism, on a national level, does not exist,  Hugo Chavez of Venezuela commenced a socialistic experiment (1998-2013 – the year he died) has degenerated into a colossal failure.  Venezuela rivals the Arabian Peninsula in petroleum reserves.  The country also has plenty of iron ore, bauxite and hydro power. The Venezuelan farmers produce vast amounts of agricultural products and livestock.  Despite these natural resources,  last year the country’s economy went backwards 10 per cent which translates into hyper-inflation and lack of basic necessities for the populace to survive. – Communism, (Socialism’s economic parent)  which lingers in Vietnam, Cuba and in a quasi form in mainland China, came crashing down soon after the first Gulf War, August – October 1991.  This is  before the memory of most Millennials. Communism took over Russia during the Revolution 1917-18 and succumbed from its interior economic-agricultural woes and common leadership-less-ness  after a  mere 74 years of existence.  –  Ironic as it is, Socialism is on the rebound here in the United States.  Its proponents, Vermont Senator Bernard (good ole Uncle Bernie) Sanders and his political grand-daughter New York (Bronx) born Alexandria Cortez have resurrected this failed system as they parade though out the country and extol their socialistic vision.  The core of Sanders and Cortez’z platform is a universal – Government sponsored – medical care plan for all whatever the cost could be which is estimated to be 32.6 trillion dollars.

Sanders and Cortez praise how the Scandinavians provide free medical services.  A clarification is required:  Norway is ahead of the economic game from  revenue generated by the North Sea Oil Fields that were developed during the nineteen seventies and early eighties and have a few more good years of production before the wells are depleted.  Sweden, has bountiful natural resources; iron ore, copper, zinc, gold, silver, timber and hydro-power.  Denmark has the least amount of natural resources; its developed infrastructure allows the country to utilize its assets.

The average Scandinavian is a taxed about 52 per cent of their wage; Norway, 39 per cent, Sweden 57 per cent and Denmark, 60.2 per cent.   Then there are a multitude of other taxes; sales tax, capital gains tax that burden its citizens.  The electorate of the United States would never allow such a tax burden. Medical services not withstanding,  there would be a revolt. The entire population of the Scandinavian countries is 20,886,474 which is less than the population of both California (39,250,017) and Texas (27,862,596). Is it analogical to compare all of Scandinavia with the United States?

  • Kathleen Andre
    Posted at 17:35h, 04 October Reply

    What is your position on resolving the homeless problem in our state?

    What about the housing shortage for lower income and the homeless populations?

  • Michael Carter
    Posted at 23:22h, 12 October Reply

    You just got my vote!

  • Cheryl Hanhart-Beck
    Posted at 17:47h, 28 October Reply

    You are my hero!!! I am impressed by your realistic knowledge of what Socialism REALLY brings to the plate. The mush minded millennials simply want Uncle Sugar to give them free stuff that someone else pays for – as long as they are unemployed and sitting at Starbucks on their government issued smart phone. The yelling begins when their paycheck is docked to pay for the freebies.

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