Politics 2018

Friends, Romans, Electorate of the Fifth Congressional District.  Lend me you ears!

What is written below concerns every Electorate of this District, every California Electorate and that of the United States.

Any political candidate must have an Internet website that details his (or her) themes; the platform.  Without a website the campaign will flounder.

I was over 50 days late to commence the Primary campaign for the Fifth Congressional District because the ship that I was assigned to, was short of deck personnel (as were all of the ships) and a relief was produced more than 45 days after the due date.  The first order of business, upon arrival at Vallejo, was to find a webpage designer. This done, and after much effort, the webpage was produced and available On-Line. – I was then able to commence the campaign, the Incumbent and the two non-Incumbent candidates’ campaigns were underway many weeks earlier.  After a few stumbles and sandblasting from disgruntled voters, I came in second to the Incumbent Mike Thompson in the June 5th Primary.  Soon thereafter I had the website updated and recommenced the campaign.

During the evening of August 14th, on a whim, I attempted to open the website: www.candidatemills.com  to discover that it had been removed.  At first I thought that my computer was infected by a virus and that it malfunctioned.  Another computer was used to log on to the website only to find, as before, that the website was removed.  The hour was late, after midnight, and I retired for the evening. Four hours later, when I again attempted to open the website the words appeared on the upper left corner:  This website does not exist. – I contacted the web-designer (the name is to remain incognito) and it was confirmed that the website had been hacked into and removed.

Whomever the Culprits are, be advised that what you had done is a felony.  

Google:  Penalties of Computer Hacking. – and – Hacking is a serious crime.

Be advised that the website team is at work to back track and locate the Culprits.

Be advised that this missive and, any information that can be traced to the Culprits are to be forward to the:

The Federal Election Commission,

The California Attorney General,

The California State Election Office – The California Secretary of State, and,

Every County Registrar of voters Office of the Fifth Congressional District.

It is suspected that the Culprits belong to a political active interest group(s) that have developed into a cult.  The Culprits want to dominate this Country’s political direction from behind the scenes. Anything that appears to threaten them is to be eradicated. The Consequence of this direction would be a Government of the very few, by the very few forced among the majority.  

By the time these words are in print the website:  www.candidatemills.com is to be back On-Line.  What are the Culprits to do?  Have a temper tantrum, and, attempt another felony?  – Continue with the Shenanigans and you will be caught.

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is about to be heard.

And thus is Politics, 2018

Have a great day.  

Anthony Mills

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