Opioids and Marijuana

Opioids and Marijuana

Opioids and Marijuana

The use of Opioids and the California legalization of recreational Marijuana cannot be ignored by anyone who is a political candidate.

When California was admitted to the Union, September 9, 1850,  Tall Ships plied the sea from ports along the East Coast and especially from San Francisco (and to a lesser extent Seattle) to and from the Orient. On-board these ships (it is not known if Opioid cargo was on any manifest) were Opioid products.   Tall Ships and later steamers that made voyages to and from west coast  South American ports returned with cocaine products. –  Note:  Cocaine was removed from the Coca Cola beverage in 1903. – Cocaine and Opioid products were advertised in both Montgomery Ward and Sear and Roebuck catalogs.

Before the Opium Wars (1839-42–1856-60) China, according to economist Angus Madison, had the World’s largest economy. After these two wars, China’s economy was reduced  by 50 per cent.  The British forced the weakened Qing Emperor to cede Hong Kong, to British control and access to the ports of Shanghai, Canton Ningou, Fouchow and Amoy.

Earlier. during the late 17 hundreds, the British East India Company smuggled opium from India (some of this opium came from Turkey) to China.  The Qing Emperors passed edicts which forbade the use of this drug and to protect their subjects – 1729-1831 – to no avail.  The East India Company made monumental profits at the expense of human addiction in Japan, Korea, China, England and North America.  Two prominent international  businessmen who worked with the East India Company were the great grandfathers of Franklin Roosevelt and John Kerry.

Opium products are both physically and mentally addictive and can render its user to a pathetic physical and mental state in less than a month.  –  The  known death count from Opioid use in the United States in 2016 was 42,249.  In 2017 the known death count was over 72,000; a jump of 10 per cent. –  The legal Opioid and cocaine use was outlawed with the passage of the Dangerous Drug Act of 1920.

The Chinese have not forgotten what they refer to as, “The Century of Humiliation,” when Great Britain (along with United States businessmen) used and abused the Chinese people.  The consequence of this is to make itself known within the near future.

Marijuana (also known as Cannabis) has been on the human scene for over 5,000 years.  In Turkey and Arabia it is known as, “Hashish.”

The medical use of Marijuana is not questioned, what is questioned is the recreational use that California made legal on January 1, 2018.

The hallucinative element of Marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol; THC.

For starters, Marijuana has more than 50 known carcinogens, more than tobacco.  Prolonged use of Marijuana can adversely affect the cardio-pulmonary system.

THC can increase the heat rate to more than 160 beats per minute.

THC dilates blood vessels, the user develops red eyes which is street parlance is; being , “stoned.”

THC is conducive to paranoia and anxiety attacks, impaired attention and memory loss.  Police reports indicate that many automobile accidents were caused

by drivers under the influence of THC.

Though California legalized recreational Marijuana, its use is forbidden by Federal law.  Marijuana and its use is forbidden on any Federal  premise which is; any Federal owned and operated vehicle, aircraft and ship.  Marijuana is disallowed by any Coast Guard regulated ship, boat and aircraft.

It is regrettable that Opium based drugs and Marijuana have re-appeared and has  re-commenced its bondage upon United States citizens after it was eradicated a century earlier.

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  • Ryan
    Posted at 22:13h, 06 November Reply

    You lost my vote by being anti marijuana. You obviously either don’t know what you are talking about or are a sellout to big pharma and the alcohol corporations.

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