There is a nostalgia when Space Exploration (and the race to have the first  successful human Lunar landing) dominated this Country’s national interest.  The, “Space Race,” as it were called was conducive to the development of the hand held calculator, powder soft drinks, freeze dried foods, Velcro and advanced methods of communications.  The, “Space Race, ” commenced months after the Second World War concluded continues to this day, with a much reduced budget and interest.  –  Various Chief Executives wish to have during their administrations something that resembles what commenced more than 70 years ago. The circumstances of that era have come and gone and are not to be repeated.  To explain in simple words:  the search of extra terrestrial life is a waste of time. The closest stars to Earth are the triple star system called Alpha Centauri, Proxima Centauri is the closest at 4.26 light years away.  This star system also has a planet.  Due to the great distances of these three stars, it is impossible to know if this lone planet of these three stars support life.  With a World-wide financial failure imminent, what Country could afford a serious effort to reach any Star (other than the Sun which we know plenty about) and look for extra terrestrial life? – There has not been any sign of extra terrestrial life despite extensive  searches by this Country and Russia.
The James Webb outer space telescope is scheduled to be placed into Earth orbit March 30, 2021 should conclude, for the foreseeable future,  any  outer space explorations.  This country cannot afford it.  Other countries that have grand space exploration plans also cannot afford extra terrestrial searches         
 The United States must be content with a reduced outer space exploration.  Note:  observation (spy) satellites, Global Position Satellites (GPS) and weather satellites are essential to this Country’s well being.