Military Waste and Expenditure

Military Waste and Expenditure

The United States military is vital to the security of this Country and  that of the free World.  –  Without the United States Navy, China would rule and dictate what ship goes where from the Philippines to the Red Sea.  It would not take much to blockade the Sundra, Lombok and Singapore Straits.   –  China is investing into the Horn of Africa – Djibouti – as it desires to control what enters and departs the southern end of the Red Sea.

With a 21 trillion dollar Federal Debt, the Congress must be careful what it allocates towards defense expenditure.   For example; the Air Force F-35, which billions was spent on,  has a lower performance than a 30 year old F-16.  The F-35 was not needed.

The Littoral ship and the Catamaran (both constructed of aluminum) are floating death traps.  It has been known for well over a century that aluminum can be lit off into the worst shipboard fire (class D) that is impossible to extinguish with water.  One small  phosphorous projectile can render an aluminum ship of any size a flaming inferno.  This occurred on October 1, 2016 when an U.S. made aluminum catamaran operated by the United Arab Emirates was struck by a single Chinese made anti-ship missile launched from a medium truck trailer off the coast of Yemen and burned like a torch.

The USS Lewis B. Puller, is another colossal waste of finance.  The Puller class of ship was designed to be a stage and launch site for Special Forces covert operations.  At 764 feet long and 164 feet wide and a speed of 15 knots (ships of he Great White Fleet of 112 years ago, had a top speed of 20-21 knots) nothing about this ship is covert.  The launch deck, where a lone crane  attempts to launch the RHIB boat, is often awash in a moderate sea.  The Chinese made anti-ship missile that destroyed the Swift, could do the same to the USS Puller.

A common thought today among both the Millennials and some of their predecessors is that we can all meet in Paris, or at the United Nations in New York or Geneva, Switzerland or Nairobi, hold hands and sing,”Kumbaya,” return to our homes and all is well. This is an illusion, a dangerous illusion, that can lull many into the thought that that Universal Peace is about to occur which the opposite is about to occur.

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