Incumbent Preferential Treatment

Incumbent Preferential Treatment

Here is another political inspired ditty:  Incumbent Preferential Treatment
During the 2018 Congressional campaign, the Honorable Incumbent, Mike Thompson, was nowhere to be found.

A year later, during the month of August, (the Congressional summer recess), the Honorable Incumbent had Climate Change – Global Warming forums throughout the Fifth Congressional District.

When I confronted the Congressman about this at the August 19, 2019 Vallejo forum, he did not know whom I was though I was his 2018 opponent.  –  The Congressman placed the onus that there were no Congressional candidate night forums during the 2018 election on the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, the director, James Cooper,  who was also present.  –  When I displayed a photograph of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to the Congressman,  as she delivered the flawed Green New Deal (Thompson could be seen over her right shoulder ) and asked why he allowed himself to be led by her, he retorted, “I am not led by anyone,” and huffed away.  –  I then went straight to James Cooper, he transferred the onus on the Board of Directors whom Cooper said, “they did not consider it important enough.”

This Incumbent Preferential Treatment – Protection Has To Stop!

Incumbent or not, any elected official has to be available and present on the Firing Line with the other candidates.

No Exceptions!

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