Immigration – Budget Cuts

Immigration – Budget Cuts

When I lived and worked in Mexico (1980 – 1981) for Nolty J. the riot Towing company, the entire crew were photographed and issued work permits. – Without a valid passport there was no entry into Mexico. Without a work permit, No Trabajo.

Budget Cuts in lieu of the Annual Deficit and out-of-control National Debt

Speaker of the House (soon to be former Speaker of the House) Paul Ryan’s Federal Budget cuts are available On-Line. What the Honorable Speaker of the House omits are the Farmer Subsidies that his political affiliation favors.

Much of the Fifth Congressional District is Wine Country. Not a single vineyard receives any Federal subsides, the wine industry does good to very good here. – The Federal Government now spends more than 20 billion per annum on Farm Subsides. About 39 per cent of the Nation’s 21 million farmers receive Federal subsides; corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and rice top the list. Subsides discourage farmers from being innovative hence they have become reliant on the Federal umbilical cord. Once Farmers learn how to diversify and become self dependent, and cultivate what product is in demand, they would benefit along with the State where they are located and the Nation’s economy.

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