Global Warming

Global Warming

Anyone who denies that there is Global Warming is deluded.  The Polar Caps,  Antarctic and  alpine glaciers are on the retreat with a few exceptions.  –  The World’s oceans are heating up at a record pace, the result is that the estimated rise rate is 1/16th inch per annum.

The United States and Canada have done much to reduce harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Other countries, which I do not wish to mention, are decades behind the clean air and water efforts of North America and Western Europe. –  There is much that could be done.  For instance, the tidal current  – and the afternoon (and storm) winds – of the Carquinez Straits have yet to be harnessed.  The  large buildings located at Mare Island that are three stories high with flat roofs could be horizontal wind turbines (not to be confused with circular blade wind mills) and solar panel platforms.  There is plenty of talk of elemental electrical production and little application.

What is seldom mentioned in the Global Warming discussions are that;

Asphalt roads contribute to Global Warming,

Reflective mirror-like windows that are utilized in high rise buildings  in the  cities of the Persian Gulf and other Middle East cities, in Indus cities, and the south-west United States  (and of other countries that are subject to high heat) contribute to Global Warming.

Since 1981 there has not been a year without a solar flare that has affected the climate of Earth and Mars.  People in the tropics, people in upstate New York have observed that during the summer months, the Solar light is more than during past years.  –  On April 1, 1983, the Sun withheld its heat production by an estimated .100 of a per cent; there were snow flurries in northern Louisiana.


The Pine Island Glacier, located at west Antarctic, is melting more than any of Antarctic’s 500 plus Glaciers; its melt rate is 25 per cent more.  it is theorized that the cause of the Pine Island Glacier melt down is caused by a sub-terrain volcano.  Between February 2017 – September 2017 a piece of the Pine Island Glacier, four times the side of Manhattan Island, broke off and is adrift in the Antarctic Ocean.  For the last 75 years, it is estimated that the World’s oceans have risen one-sixteenth of an inch per annum with No End In Sight.

Despite these grim facts, we must continue to stem the production of harmful airborne, fresh and salt waterborne plastic and petroleum pollutants.

On May 26 of this year, the biggest cyclone to hit the Arabian peninsula came ashore near the city of Salalah, Oman.  The increased frequency of cyclones making a direct hit on the southern end of the Arabian peninsula is further evidence that Global Warming is not a, “Conspiracy Theory,” but a reality. This is further substantiated by the night time temperature of June 27 – 28 of this year (2018).  The remote town of Ouriyet , also located in Oman, had a record night time low of 42.3 degrees Celsius (108,7 degrees Fahrenheit).  –  How many factors are there to Global Warming?

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  • Philip Meyer
    Posted at 18:26h, 13 October Reply

    Man made global warming is a hoax created by Leftists and globalists to enrich themselves and engage in income redistribution. It is one of the biggest of the Left’s “Big Lies”. Throughout history the planet has gone through cooling and warming periods long before man began emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. It is also proven that the “models” used by warming apologists are biased towards their desired outcome, as well the temperature gauges that record the earth’s temperature to prove warming are misplaced and are influenced by nearby earthbound features such as roads and cities. And finally CO2, the bogeyman of the warmists, is essentially plant food and even so is a tiny fraction of the atmosphere on a ppm basis. Although you are off base on this issue you are still better than the Democrat and you have my vote.

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