Photograph Gallery

Mills served – off and on – over five years  abroad the supply shit USNS spica shown above alongside the battleship USS Wisconsin, BB 64. The above photograph was taken on December 19, 1990; Persian Gulf.

Photograph taken by mills off the port quarter of the tugboat Nita T. (Gulf of Mexico) down a high wind passage; spring 1981

Mills served a total of 18 months on both hospital ships; the USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort.

The above photograph is the last commercial tugboat, the Sandy Alario, that Mills was assigned to. The photograph was taken late March, 1984 on the Mississippi River; South of New Orleans.

The above photograph was taken 36 hours after Mount Pinatubo erupted; mid-June 1991; Philippines. Mills (with the white undershirt) is with gunners mate, Tom Healy. The volcano sand (Lahar) is the results of the volcano was (and is) located 19 nautical miles away from Subic Bay,Philippines


Summer of 1957

Early July 1992