Campaign Reform

Campaign Reform

Below is the cost to run for Congress. These fees, noted below, are outrageous, and, in part explains why mental retroactive Congressional (and Senate) members have been returned to Washington year-after-year.

The Candidate Statement for Napa County is 1,856 dollars,
The Candidate Statement of Lake Country is 995 dollars,
The Candidate Statement for Contra Costa County is 833 dollars,
The Candidate Statement for Sonoma County is 1,429 dollars. This is in addition to the Solano County application fee of 1,740 dollars and Candidate Statement of 660 dollars. Other than the Application fee for Congress,the above noted Candidate Statement fees for the Primary, these same fees have to be repeated for the General Election. – There should be a burden share policy with the Counties to off-set this high cost of Candidate Statement. – If these fees continue to remain this high, only the rich will take the chance to run for Congress and they who are connected to the Big Money people. – Term limits would only force Big Money candidates to modify how they run for Congress.

The Federal (and in many State’s) the cost to run for office has become an opportunity of the rich which explains, in part, why many Congressional and Senate members are out-of-touch with reality.

Below are some of the ludicrous statements of prominent Congressional Incumbents:

The All Time Congressional Favorite; Madame Nancy Pelosi:

When the Affordable Health Care Act was being debated, Madame Pelosi exclaimed: “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”

Comment: Yes Nancy, the bill was passed, and, for openers, Medicare Premiums went up 95 per cent.

Madame Pelosi dismissal of the corporate bonus to employees due to the Corporate Tax Cut of 35 per cent – among the highest in the World – to a standard 21 per cent was “…crumbs that they are given..I think it’s insignificant.”

Note: Pelosi and her husband’s net worth is around 43 million.

Below are some other crown jewel statements of Madame Nancy:

“Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program.”

Note: Former Congressman George Miller’s admiration of Madame Nancy was (and I presume still is) boundless.

“Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”

“I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternate to fossil fuels.”

“Sincerity is the most important thing in acting. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

Congressman Hank Johnson said on Marcy 25, 2010 during a Congressional discussion with Admiral Robert Willard, that to have 8,000 addition Marines transferred from Okinawa to Guam could cause, “the Island to tip over and capsize.”

Note: The island of Guam is 571 square miles and has an estimated population of 162,742. An additional 8,000 Marines and 17,000 dependents is not going to affect the stability of the island. – Many ships have a dead weight far more than what 25,000 humans weigh which is about 2,187.5 tons. – Super tankers, far smaller than the island of Guam, have a dead weight capacity 100,000 plus tons.

Richard (Dick) Cheney

“Conservation may be sign of personal virtue, but, it is not a sufficient basis for a sound comprehensive energy policy.”

Comment: Conservation is the name of the game. Cheney is deluded with himself; if he says it is – it is – because he is, “Dick Cheney.”

Note: George W. revealed that he and his vice President Cheney did not speak to each other for the last two years of his Presidency which was virtually hijacked by Cheney.

Joe Bidden

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on television … he said, ‘Look. here is what happened.'”

Note: Franklin Roosevelt was not President when the Stock Market Crashed on October, 29, 1929. Herbert Hoover was. – Television made its public premier ten years later at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Biden here confuses, not only Presidents but also television and Roosevelt’s radio fireside chats and a time lapse of 20 years. Television was not available for the public until – at the earliest – 1949.

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