Personal Profile

Anthony Mills was born at Bowling Field Air Force Base, Washington D.C. on October 1, 1951 to an Army Motor Pool Sergeant who was stationed at the Pentagon. He attend for three and a half years the parochial school and parish, “Our Lady Queen of Peace,” located in South-East Washington.  After that his education continued with military dependent and public schools.  He eventually graduated from Sonoma State College located at Rohnert Park, California.  –  For eight years after high school Mills supported himself with various occupations as he was also a professional student with degrees in Political Science and Economics.

His mother was native of Budapest, Hungary who escaped on the last train that departed the Hungarian Capitol hours before the arrival of the Soviet Army.  While thus dislocated in Bavaria, Germany, his parents met.

Mills is the third of his parents four children.  After a European tour, the family  relocated to Vallejo, California here he resides to this  day.    Mills is a long term employee of Military Sealift Command.  Due to the Hatch Act he is on administrative leave which allows he to run for Congress.   

Work History

Farm Hand Swabenland, Germany; summer of 1960

Automobile wash; Pattonville,Germany summers of 1961-63

Summers 1965-67 manual labor; fruit farm – amusement park maintenance

1968 – 1976 – Mare Island Food Service – Building Maintenance


1977-78 Belmont Lounge, Vallejo, California

Summer 1978 Drake’s Bay – Commercial Fisherman

1979 – 1984 NoltyJ. Theriot Off-Shore Tugboat Company
Golden Meadow, Louisiana

1984 – present Military Sealift Command Navigation Watch

Combat Tour Profile

Gulf of Sidra  – January -March 1986, USNS Navasota,
Iran – Iraq War – Persian Gulf  summer of 1988,  USNS Spica,
Iran – Iraq War – Persian Gulf summer of 1989,  USNS Spica,
Desert Shield – Persian Gulf – December 1990,  January 1991,  USNS Spica,
Desert Storm – Persian Gulf – January – March, 1991,  USNS Spica,
Mogadishu, Somalia –  December 1993  April – 1994,  USNS Mars,
Operation Desert Fox – December 1998,  USNS Tippecanoe,
Persian Gulf –  Winter of 2002. USNS Pecos,


Persian Gulf – Red Sea – summer of 2015, USNS Carl Brashear,
Persian Gulf – Red Sea – summer of 2017, USNS Carl Brashear,
Comment:  That Military Sealift Command Mariners are not considered to be Veterans, despite the fact that the active military personnel who operate on the same ship with them are, is an injustice that needs to be  changed.

Labor Association

National Maritime Union (NMU) 1969-1976

Seafarers International Union (SIU) 1985 to present

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