Is there a more incendiary political topic/issue than Abortion?

This is a topic/ issue that will not go away and cannot be avoided.

What is Abortion?  

He and/or she is born the termination of human life before it is born.  Late term abortion takes place during the third trimester, often when the mother and unborn child is in the delivery room.

In Solano County a marsh mouse, an expectant dog and cat, an expectant cow has more pre-natal protection than an unborn human.  

We have heard the arguments by pro-Abortionists:   a woman has the right to control her body and re-productiveness.  – The Government does not have the authority to interfere with a woman’s decision of what she does with what is within her.  – These arguments exclude the fact that no woman has become pregnant on her own. A male entity has to come from somewhere.  He is almost never brought into the discussion. – The exception to this is a test tube cloned human, that has not been acknowledged by any medical facility to have been taken to full term.

Women frequently have children that are not of the same sex and have a different blood type.  An unborn child has its own identity.

Many women who submitted themselves to Abortion suffer from mental anxiety for weeks, months and years.  To compensate for their loss, they long to have another child. – Not always though. Tennis player Billie Jean King had an Abortion during the height of her tennis athleticism because it would have interfered with her career.  A professional athlete’s career is at best; short. Why be bothered with the inconvenience of an unwanted child. It is not known if King suffered from any mental anxiety about what she had done. – It is of note that one of King’s contemporaries, Margaret Court, had two children during her tennis career and she is one of the most successful tennis players in the sport’s history.

A review of Abortion is in order:

Archeologists have discovered that many ancient societies practiced infanticide and abortion.    

The most notorious group were the Canaanites who sacrificed infants to the god Baal and the goddess Ashtoreth also known as the mother-goddess Ishtar of ancient Babylon.  The remains of infants have also been found in the foundations of dwellings (foundation sacrifices) in the cities of Gezer, Megiddo and Jericho.

In some countries children were buried alive in cow dung if born feet first and with teeth.

Some cultures exterminated twins because they were considered abnormal.    

Cultures that believed in reincarnation, have been known in the past to have their first born sons sacrificed to ensure that the father would inherit the vitality of what would have been  bestowed upon his son.

The destruction of the weak at birth in ancient Greece is well known.  In ancient Egypt and Rome, the deformed and unsightly children would have been a victim of infanticide.  

The Hippocratic Oath, which has served as a medical moral guide since 500 B.C. states: “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest any such counsel, and if like manner I will not give to woman a pessary to produce Abortion.”   

Judaea-Christian (which includes Islam) thought continues along this line:

“What hast thou done?  The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth to Me from the Earth.”   Genesis 4, 10

“… for in the image of God man was made, and, He will demand an account of it.”  Genesis 9, 5-6

The commandment of God is formal:  “Thou Salt Not Kill!” Exodus 20: 1-17 — Deuteronomy 5: 4-25

In the Didache – written in the first century – it is clearly stated: “Thou shall not kill by Abortion the fruit of the womb and thou shall not murder the infant already born.”

Abortion in North America

Abortion has been documented in North America since the middle sixteen hundreds.  

In 1652, Maryland prosecuted a prominent adviser to the Governor for coercing his 21-year-old bond servant into sex and then forcing her to drink a herbal abortifacient that killed the child and almost killed the mother.  Indicted, a grand jury fined him, forbade him from holding a public office and set his bond woman free.

“Willful murder,” is what one 1671 midwives’ manual called it.  Abortion, like infanticide, was the last resort for a small number of abused women, including servants forced into sex by their masters or women seduced and abandoned by their lovers.  

Unborn human life was also recognized in the earliest legal injunction against Abortion.  A 1716 New York ordinance barred midwives from suggestion or doing anything, “to any woman being with child whereby she should destroy or miscarry her child.” During the decade in and around the Civil War, Abortion became a major social issue.  There emerged at this time a, ‘quality of life,’ justification for Abortion that it was a greater sin to bring an, “unwanted child,” into the World than to kill them before they are born. This was the theme of the book, “The Unwelcome Child – The Crime of an Undesired Maternity,” published in 1858.

Abortion became an increasing lucrative business in this amoral and intellectual climate.  The country’s richest abortionist, Madame Restell, ran clinics in New York, Philadelphia and Boston.  She lived in a Manhattan mansion and hobnobbed with members of Congress and financiers and boasted that many of their wives were repeat clients.

Abortion became one of the social evils taken up by the eighteen hundreds muckraking journalists.  Abortionists abuse were front page news in tabloids such as, “The National Police Gazette,” as well as papers of record such as, “New York Times.”    – The Times editorialized in 1870 against, “the perpetuation of infant murder,” and complained bitterly that the, “lives of babes are of less account than a few ounce of precious metal or roll of greenbacks.  

The American Medical Association led the fight against Abortion; they argued that life begins at the moment of conception and that Abortion was the, “murderous destruction,” of the unborn.  

Feminist such as Elizabeth Evans urged to ban of, “this dreadful evil,” and conducted the first interviews with women suffering from what is now called, “post Abortion syndrome.”  – Women rights groups around the country started hospitality home’s and adoption centers for unwed mother and unwanted children.

By 1868, thirty States had banned Abortion, 27 States banned first trimester termination of human life.  To demonstrate the seriousness of the crime against humanity, eight States defined Abortion as, “manslaughter.”   

The defense of the unborn human life was rescinded in the early nineteen seventies;   New York State liberalized their Abortion law effective, July 1, 1971. Abortion(s) were permitted up to the 24th week of pregnancy nullifying the previous statue that prohibited them.  Two years later, the State Legislature voted to overturn this heinous law, but was thwarted by the veto of then Governor Nelson Rockefeller.  

 On January 22, 1973, the entire nation followed New York’s lead; the Supreme Court ruled that a State could not prevent a woman from having an Abortion during the first six months of pregnancy, invalidating the anti-Abortion laws in Texas and Georgia, and, by implication of overturning restrictive Abortion laws in 44 other states.  

Outside of North America, most, if not all developed Industrial countries sanction human Abortion.  The first country to provide Abortion on demand was Soviet controlled Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin in 1920. When birthrates plummeted to an alarmed degree, Abortion in Russia was banned in 1936 to 1955 when, under the leadership of Nikita Khrushchev it was re-instated.  

The long-term effect of unrestricted Abortion has been dismal; population depletions result with imported migrant workers whom reactionary politicians strike upon the xenophobic fears of the electorate that further divides the country.  

The lack of available military aged males in Russian, the Ukraine, Japan and many European countries is to the extent that if a crisis arose, these countries would be hard pressed to conduct a conventional border defense of any magnitude.  

Pre-natal ultrasound and amniocentesis extraction can determine the sex of the unborn.  In such countries as China and India, a male child is desirable; hence, unborn female children are aborted by the millions.   The consequence of this is; in both China and India, millions of men have to consign themselves to a single life as there are no available women.  – It is ironic that this human killing spree has spilled over to the living; suicide in countries that offer unrestricted Abortion has risen, birthrates are far below the replacement quota.  – The dead have outpaced the living.

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