Why An Independent Congressional Candidate

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Why An Independent Congressional Candidate

Anthony Mills 


“Drake’s Bay” 

A historical spoof

“He Was A Survivor”

A historical drama centered upon the ethos of a Pearl Harbor Survivor native of San Francisco.

Subic Bay “The Last American Colony”

A historical chronicle of the last months the United State military (Air Force,Marine Corp Navy and Merchant Mariners) were present (and evicted) from Subic Bay Philippines.

—Jack Liddle—
Positive Knick and Knack 

Knick and Knack are brothers who were born into an uppermiddle-class family during the first half of the 1950s. Their lives were dominated with television, comic books, and mysterious new media accounts that take the brothers into the realm of mind-altering synthetic substances along with the electric hard-rock music and the Vietnam War.


Allow me to clarify

On October 2, 2018 the Times Herald printed long letter by Mark Altselt where he accurately stated the statics of the United States Annual Deficit and the National Debt. - Alselt also accurately states where corporate money dominates politics in this Country. - So...

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Men of Gold and Silver

During the year 1324, the 44 year old West African Sultan, Mansa Musa decided to make his long awaited trek to Mecca; the Hajj. This he accomplished like none other before or since. With an entourage of 60,000 men (and some women?) and 80 camels; off they went. The...

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The Annual Deficit

As of June, 2018 the Annual Deficit hovers around 985 billion dollars. This equates in words, the United States is over budget 985 billion dollars for the year 2018. Accumulative Annual Deficits through the years is called the National Debt and that number hovers...

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Military Waste and Expenditure

The United States military is vital to the security of this Country and that of the free World. - Without the United States Navy, China would rule and dictate what ship goes where from the Philippines to the Red Sea. It would not take much to blockade the Sundra,...

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NASA – The National Aeronautic and Space Administration

There is a nostalgia when Space Exploration (and the race to have the first  successful human Lunar landing) dominated this Country's national interest.  The, "Space Race," as it were called was conducive to the development of the hand held calculator, powder soft...

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The News Media and Political Signs

(What is written below is in full regard to the First Amendment.) Is not the purpose of the News Media to provide information, non biased information, and let the electorate make the decision(s) on what and whom to vote for?  - When a newspaper (or any other part of...

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